Ready for a fun at-home work out that’s actually fun? Search no further.

If you are like me, you hate working out. I think everyone secretly hates working out, but some are really good at faking it.

Alas, physically exercise/activity is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. So if that’s your thing, keep reading.

A lot of at-home work-out videos/programs are, in my opinion, either too slow-paced and boring, or excruciatingly intense, and a little– I’m gonna go ahead and say it– traumatizing.

I personally don’t like yoga. Not throwing any shade at my yogi sisters and brothers, but it just isn’t my go-to work out. It’s way too slow paced for me and I find myself losing interest and not enjoying myself.

That said, I really don’t want anyone thinking I am someone on the other end of the spectrum who enjoys an insanely intense work out. That HIIT sh*t? No thanks. I like to sweat when I work out, not throw up then contemplate suicide.

The most important thing to me when I work out is that I 1. break a sweat and 2. have fun.

Ergo, I was F L O O R E D when I found out about Pop Sugar Fitness’ YouTube channel.

The thing I miss the most about the pre-COVID-19 world is going to Healthy Hood  in Chicago every Monday night with my girls for our VIBE dance class where we would shake our a** and be amazing.

So when I saw that the Pop Sugar Fitness YouTube channel had dozens of 30 minute dance work out videos I thought to myself  “s a y   l e s s”.

Not only do they have hip-hip, salsa, bachata, tabata and more dance work-out classes, they also have beginners work-out classes, HIIT cardio classes, yoga classes, ab work-outs, butt work-outs, full body work-outs, no equipment cardio classes, and more! ALL FREE. Below are just a few!

Most of the videos on Pop Sugar Fitness are 30 minutes long, but they range between 7- 30 minute work-outs. All are fun as f**k.

Not to play favorites, but below is a link to one of my favorite hip-hop dance classes I’ve taken in the comfort of my bedroom since being in quarantine thanks to Pop Sugar Fitness.

I really hope you guys like these extremely fun and effective work-outs. Please let us know in the comments if you liked these videos as much as I did and which one was your favorite!

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