Quarantined and don’t know how to teach your kids? No problem. Keep reading.

During this time we all have gone through and realized so much about the world around us and its uncertainties. One thing I think every parent is now certainly aware of is how hard it is to teach kids.

Teachers should all make a billion dollars a year. Plus free botox (if they want it) and groceries.

Saying that coming up with new ideas everyday to keep your kids entertained is draining is an absolute understatement. On top of all the stress our out-of-work adult asses are experiencing? F**k that.

But don’t trip, the people at Scholastic Learning have us covered!

Here is a link to a really useful resource to help your little ones stay on some sort of track and have fun while doing it! It includes 4 weeks of fun learning material for errrybody.  Pre-k, kindergarteners, every grade level all the way up to 9th graders.

I take care of a 3 and a 5 year old, and these activities are a great way to wake up their brains in the morning with little to no effort by mom and/or dad.

A big shout out to everyone who made Scholastic Learn At Home at Home possible. You the real MVP.

Another A M A Z I N G and fun resource to keep your kiddos brains activated and engaged is the Mr. DeMaio YouTube channel. He has dozens off cool a** videos on there with a bunch of sh*it that younger kiddos just eat up. Check him out!

He even has a very informational video for kids explaining about the corona virus which we have shared here.

Enjoy and stay safe!

One thought on “Quarantined and don’t know how to teach your kids? No problem. Keep reading.

  1. Great resource! Can’t wait to tell my mother and sister about this so we can all work with my nephew!
    Keep up the great content!


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